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Mains Cable Installation & Upgrades

If your mains cable is outdated or your existing earth rod has been hidden by your renovation then your home has an increased risk of fire or electrical shock to the occupants. Older buildings often use cables that are undersized, or not designed for a modern electricity load. Large appliances such as dryers, washers, air conditioners, freezers and dishwashers can overload your mains cable. This can be dangerous and cause a fire hazard, or risk of electrocution if there are loose connections or fuses, or an older switchboard.

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Earthing Assessment

The earthing system in your home or commercial premises is a vital link in protecting against electrocution. An earth cable is designed to safely divert current away from a faulty appliance or outlet allowing a safety switch to trip and immediately cut the supply of electricity. Without this vital link every electrical device in your home or business is potentially dangerous.

Hidden Dangers

Only a qualified electrical technician has the skills and experience to assess the condition of your mains cable and earthing system. Hit The Switch are experts in this regard and can inspect your home or premises to ensure that both meet required safety standards.

A properly installed mains and earthing cable is essential to securing both your safety, and an uninterrupted power supply to your home or business.

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